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Richard Byrne is the author of Free Technology 4 Teachers, a blog about new free technologies for education.
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Getting your website or product reviewed

If you’re a reader of Free Tech 4 Teachers you’ll see that quite frequently that people leaving comments are those that are trying to spread the word about their product which competes with the one I just reviewed. It happens like this, I review website “Z” and say what it does and how I think it could be used in education. Then someone leaves a comment to the effet of “have you seen my website? It does the same thing only better.” Since I leave comments open and unmoderated accept for profanity, I’m kind of inviting that type of comment to appear occasionally. But, even if your service is awesome, I’m probably not going to review it anytime soon, because it makes me look like I’ll write about any website I hear about.

Here’s a better way to get your website reviewed on Free Tech 4 Teachers or any blog for that matter. Send me a personalized email about your website. Use a subject line that I’ll notice among the 100+ emails I get every day. Use my first name, Richard, because that shows that you’ve actually taken a little time to scroll down to my profile. Usually that alone is enough to get my attention. If your website is still in Beta, please include a beta invite. Those two things will usually get your website a serious look, although I’m not promising it will appear on my blog. Finally, a short video demonstration can make all the difference.

Here’s a great example of a company that I consistently publish updates about. Zoho has sent me personalized emails every time I write a review of their service or mention their service. In fact they even commented on a blog post I wrote about cloud computing in which I only casually mentioned Zoho.